Post 251 - Westland, Michigan


Westland, Wayne, Canton, and Belleville


If your announcements serves a benefit or improves the community quality of life, is legal, Post 251, at its sole discretion. may post your announcement. Except for emergencies allow two weeks notice prior to the event date.

1)  Post 251 is in desperate need of a permanent building that we could call our headquarters.  Since our post is relatively small, we need financial help in purchasing and maintaining the building.  Donations could be tax deductable, as we are a "non-profit organization".  If anyone would like to donate for this cause, please get in touch with our Commander, Bill Acton by e-mail:  williamacton@aol.com

2) We are trying to raise awareness with regard to asbestos exposure and the contraction of asbestos relataed diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.  Older Veterans are a group that are potentially at risk due to the wide spread use of asbestos in building construction, boiler construction and ship building in the 1940's, 50's, 60's in some cases through the 1980's. 

For more information, check out this site for details on Mesothelioma and the military:


3)  Westland Local news:

Westland Observer & Eccentric Newspaper  

See Page 2>>>






Examples of community related announcements are: Specical events, fundraisers for your high school, college, church, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts. Elks, Moose. Chamber of Commerce, scholarships for the education of your children, youth oriented baseball or other athletic events, etc.

Send all announcements to:  mackofbogue@ameritech.net

Include all information as to length of time to keep active, points of contact, etc...